Thursday, 10 January 2013

Chamber of secrets

Alan Rickman's wand in Olivanders!
Let the wand choose you!
My sister Jen in her beautiful Topshop coat
Hogwarts at night!
Lovely shops in Diagon Alley
Godricks Hollow
The bridge to the school (my Dad in the background checking the set materials :))
Knocking on Privet drive
Butter beer
Amazing costume displays - Fleur Delacour's dress here - wish I could have tried this on!
Entering the Great Hall
With my awesome sisters Kirsty and Jen

Photos from my trip to Harry Potter World! We had so much fun especially in Diagon Alley! Don't want to give too many secrets away but it was well worth the trip
Wearing my 1940s wool dress from Stockport Vintage Fair, a vintage stork brooch, Office shoes, a Primarni cardigan

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