Saturday, 14 January 2012

Drink, shop & do

I had a wee trip to drink, shop, do yesterday to celebrate my friend Felicity's birthday! I have been wanting to visit ever since Felicity told us her cousin Coralie was going to open a cafe near Kings Cross Station. Drink shop do is just as lovely as I imagined - we had afternoon tea with some delicious cocktails - I was torn between which menu to choose as they do a man's afternoon tea of pork pie, scotch eggs and ales :) well the mini smoked salmon triangles and macaroons decided it for us. Everything in the cafe is for sale - they had a beautiful Narnia style wardrobe but how to get it back to Manchester with me on the train posed a small dilemma. They have recently opened drink shop dance in the basement (the old sex shop) which boasts a fantastic Gin bar - we will be returning to this place for sure.

Happy Birthday Felicity!