Monday, 9 September 2013

Marc Jacobs Autumn 2013

Some more Autumnal looks - love the hair! I'm sure Rosalind of Clothes, cameras and coffee could pull these looks off!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Workwear inspiration


Orla Kiely's Autumn 2013 presentation

I love the Margot Tenebaum styling and the little things that would be easy to recreate on my limited budget like a little lace tied into a bow at the collar of a crisp white shirt. Mixed patterns and socks and heels! Or a ruffled collar to spice up an old jacket? H&M have some nice mustard yellow cardigans for a bit of Orla style on a budget.

Other things to take from this are embracing old style offices - I work in a really old building - it was once a school and still has the girls and boys separate entrances, wood panelled walls, blackboards.

Little things I like here are the pale blue cups, forest green enamel bins, pastel coloured angle poise lamps and little bunches of flowers on the desk to brighten the day. The colour palette is something I could work from my wardrobe - navy blue, pale blue, burgundy, red, gold, mustard yellow, forest green and browns.

As I spend half my time in the office and the other half on site gardening I'm not sure these looks would be too practical but I'll give it a go!

Jo xx