Thursday, 17 April 2014


I've been slowly decorating our rented's a few little peeks
 Pretty baskets and plants in the kitchen
This framed card I bought from the shop in the Royal Exchange in Manchester
 Made these pom poms with my sisters when it was my birthday last month and I can't take them down!
 This plant is growing well here
 My little sister Jen made this awesome pin board for our kitchen - poster is from my trip to Paris
 This is a poster I picked up at Oklahoma in Manchester in a lack Ikea frame
 Recycled wool throw from the gift shop at Tatton Park and a cushion I made from an old H&M dress
 Cards and wool on the old map chest I salvaged from a skip and painted cream
 Little birds everywhere! Painting behind is by Tom's Dad Paul Mills
 Old London transport posters from my Grandparents house
 Little metal duck! and Tinga tinga paintings from my trip to Tanzania live on the mantle
 My grandmother's blue pots with little dried flowers

Really looking forward to getting on with the garden this bank holiday weekend :)



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