Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What my tree wore!

Here she is! A lovely wonky lil tree. This is the first year Tom and I have got our very own real tree
I've been trying to have a handmade christmas so I crafted some decorations
 A stripey heart cushion
Dried out some orange slices in a low oven - house smells amazingly christmassy!
Threaded on red tartan to tie them up
Made some pom pom wool baubles from old wool
A hot air balloon
Printed some plain luggage tags with stamps I bought at a fair in Hebden Bridge last week
Other decorations I didn't make - a few large pine cones tied on with polka dot ribbon
and some pretty little cardinals I bought last year when we spent xmas in St Louis Missouri with Tom's family.
What is your tree wearing this year?

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