Monday, 5 December 2011

A little DIY

When Tom and I moved into our first flat together in Whalley Range we had VERY little furniture ... for quite some time! It was like camping, but very cosy camping, in a lovely one bedroomed ground floor flat with a pretty garden. Over time we have been given enough furniture by friends and family to fill a two bed terrace house! My mum gave us this chair which was one of the first items my parents bought for their first 'proper home'. As with most if the furniture we have been given it needed a little work to restyle it. The cushions had lost alot of stuffing and the fabric was pretty worn.
I took the chair apart and spent a couple of days sanding and stripping the wood back. Once the legs were sorted I measured the cushion seats and made new covers for them with some Harris tweed I had left from another project. I used velcro strips to secure the cushions in place as putting proper zips in seemed a wee bit fiddly - I don't think my sewing skills quite extend to upholstery yet!

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I think I will varnish the legs with a bit more matt finish varnish in the spring but for now I have dressed it up with my red Masai blanket and a white cushion to make it look a bit festive!


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