Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tree of life

I went to see Terrence Mallick's new film the tree of life at the cornerhouse cinema last night with my lovely friend Anna. I'm still not sure what I make of it - so much covered in one film! It was visually stunning and the costumes worn by Jessica Chastain made me want to go back to 1950s America! Turns out the costume designer was Jacqueline West whose creations more than made up for the state of confusion Anna and me found ourselves in when we spilled out onto the street. If Jacqueline West sounds familiar she also created the costumes for Benjamin Button and Water for Elephants - I think I'll be adding this to my lovefilm list next!

pretty floral number

beautiful buttons!

There were some incredible shots of nature in this film, waves, dinosaurs!, a sense that the world is forever changing - creating and destroying.
So ... was Jessica Chastain like the virgin Mary? ... was Brad Pitt representing an old testament style God - giving his children a sense that love and fear are the same thing bound together..... what was the significance of the giant in the attic ... why are we here at all! ... still thinking this one over!

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